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Accessing Producer Data

6 Transaction Image Web Service

The Transaction Image Web Service (TXNIWS) is a web service that provides access to images created and collected during a producer onboarding request. Each call to the web service retrieves a batch of transactions that have reached one of the configurable extract milestones during the transaction workflow. The request returns PDF images of any onboarding documentation created during the transaction, as well as any images that were attached to the transaction by a user.

Each batch of transaction images is available for 90 days after it is generated the first time, to help resolve any error scenarios that occur. Whenever a batch is requested, the form images are recreated based on the data in the request at that time. For this reason, two calls to the same batch of transaction images may result in different copies of the image. It is expected that most customers will not call the image web service until the transaction is complete, so all image changes are guaranteed to be final.

Sample Use Scenario—Document Imaging Integration
Carriers often maintain a document imaging system for managing producer data such as contracts or policy administration. Sometimes this includes important regulatory and compliance documentation such as errors and omissions coverage. Rather than printing and scanning electronic onboarding forms, the Transaction Image Web Service can be used to store producer onboarding forms directly in to the document imaging system without the need for licensing analyst involvement.

Collect Additional Onboarding Data
Name Producer Data Web Services
Product Producer Express
Communication Mechanism One synchronous web service request
Data Representation Real-time access to batches of transaction images
Response Timing Data returned with response
Availability When service is available, see SLA
Technical Documentation Transaction Data-Image Extract Implementation Guide
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