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Accessing Producer Data

3 Producer Search Web Service

The Producer Search Web Service is a web service that allows a calling system to identify producer criteria,such as agency relationship and policy info (product type, state), and return a list of producers who match the criteria. The filters include matching the producer's license, line of authority, and appointment information with sophisticated rules to determine which producers could sell that type of policy.

This service allows IT teams to present real-time validated producer information in critical sales operations systems wherever filtered lists of producers are needed.

Sample Use Scenario—Order Entry System Integration
Order entry systems used by distributors often require identifying the named producer on a policy. To be proactive about producer licensing compliance, this is the earliest possible point to start validating whether a producer is authorized to sell. However, lists of producers that are shown on the screen are often not validated at all, leaving a customer support rep (CSR) to possibly select an unauthorized producer. If this happens, it could slow down business processing or delay commissions for the agency.

A Producer Search Web Service request can return a list of only the authorized producers at the distributor for the policy being entered. The order entry system would identify the agency, the policy details such as product type and state, and the web service would return a list of producers who are authorized based on carrier licensing & appointing rules.

Lists of Authorized Producers
Name Producer Search Web Service
Product Producer Manager
Communication Mechanism One synchronous web service request
Data Representation Real-time access to one producer record
Response Timing Data returned with response
Availability When service is available, see SLA
Technical Documentation Producer Data Web Service Integration Design.pdf
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