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Important Notices

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September 30, 2021


Pursuant to Ind. Code 27-1-15.7-2.2, as added by Indiana House Bill 1405 (2021), if a resident Indiana insurance producer completes more than 24 hours of continuing education (CE) credits before the producer's license expiration/renewal date, the excess or "carry-over" credit hours will be applied to the producer's next license renewal period. The following stipulations apply to this provision:

  • Applies to producer licenses expiring/renewing January 2022 and after that have the 24-hour CE requirement.
  • Not more than 12 carry-over hours may be applied to the next license renewal period.
  • CE hours completed in the Ethics or Long Term Care course categories will not be applied as carry-over credits.
  • Carry-over hours must be completed not more than 120 days before the expiration/renewal date of the producer license. The following table shows the course completion dates on which CE carry-over hours will begin to apply to a producer's next license renewal period:
License Expiration/Renewal Date Begin date on which CE carry-over hours will apply to next license renewal period
Non-Leap Year (Feb 28) Leap Year (Feb 29)
January 31 October 3 October 3
February 28 (February 29 leap year) October 31 November 1
March 31 December 1 December 2
April 30 December 31 January 1
May 31 January 31 February 1
June 30 March 2 March 2
July 31 April 2 April 2
August 31 May 3 May 3
September 30 June 2 June 2
October 31 July 3 July 3
November 30 August 2 August 2
December 31 September 2 September 2