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Important Notices

Print a free license copy

To print your license at no cost on the Idaho Department of Insurance website, please go to this link, and then:

  1. Input license number
  2. Choose individual, agency or company
  3. Enter email
  4. Select "request license"

All Idaho mandated training requirements

Idaho requires the following mandated training:

Annuity Suitability: One 4-hour course under CE category of Annuity Suitability. WHO: All persons carrying a Life LOA should take this training.

Flood: One 3-hour course under CE category of Flood. WHO: All persons selling flood insurance through NFIP should take this training.

Long Term Care: 8 hour initial training with 4 hour refresher every 2 years thereafter under CE category of Long Term Care. WHO: All persons selling long term care insurance should take and maintain this training.

All mandated training taken will count towards your total CE credits at the time they are completed and will remain listed on your Sircon CE transcript for carrier validation.

Business entities and the secretary of state (SOS)

Resident business entities must be incorporated as one of the following entity types: Corporation, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Liability Company or Partnership prior to application for an insurance license. If selling, soliciting insurance under the BE name, it must be licensed.

Non-resident business entities must register with the Idaho SOS as a foreign business entity. Here is the packet of instructions and a link to the SOS site.

Association services of Sircon (affiliate individual to agency)

To affiliate an individual to your agency, you will need to use the Association Maintenance service through Sircon.

Idaho renewals

Individuals renew biennially at end of birth month. Agency licenses renew every two years on 1st day of month following issue month.

Paper only renewals

The following license types may only be renewed by paper at this time. Please check the website for proper forms:

  • MGA (Managing General Agent)
  • IRO (Independent Review Organization)
  • Registered TPA (Third Party Administrator)

Free CE Transcript

You may check on the status of your continuing education through the CE Transcript Inquiry on the Sircon site.