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Important Notices

Continuing Education Reduction, Waiver or Exemption

Please click here to apply for a reduction, waiver or exemption. Click on the link for "Services" on the left. Then click on "CE Exemption or Extension Request". At the dropdown, select Georgia and enter your last name, license number and click on Continue.

Attention All Applicants

The Department of Insurance is required to verify the lawful presence of all license applicants. Please visit for complete details regarding the citizen affidavit process.

Fingerprint Requirement

All new resident applicants AND individual that fail to apply for license reinstatement within 6 months of the expiration date of their license, shall be required to submit electronic fingerprints through Gemalto, a vendor selected by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for criminal background checks. Fingerprint reports are only good for 30 day and if they expire the applicant will have to have them redone at their cost. The applicant shall bear all costs. For more information visit

Attach a document to a Pending Application/Renewal/Reinstatement

Click on the following for instructions to upload any required documents to complete your application, renewal or reinstatement.

Print your license

You can print your license any time after creating a Sircon account.

  • If you submitted your application or renewal using, you can print your license for free within 30 days of its approval.
  • If you used a paper application or National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) to apply for a license, you must pay to print your license. After you pay the fee, you can print copies for 30 days at no extra cost.

Free CE Transcript

You may now check the status of your continuing education compliance. For a free continuing education transcript, use the Lookup Education Courses or Transcript service and then click on "Continuing Education Transcript Inquiry."

What is my National Producer Number (NPN)?

Wonder what your National Producer Number (NPN) is? This unique identifying number is assigned to licensed individuals by the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) and most states are beginning to use it for various licensing purposes. If you hold a license in Georgia, use the free Vertafore License Number/National Producer Number Inquiry to find your NPN today.